Tried To Kiss (The Library's Lips)

from by Garrison Panyan

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I was alone, I was reading a book
By Aleister Crowley, in the library
On the very last page someone wrote a love spell
And ended it with the line "So mote it be"

And on the shelves I had the wisdom of the ages
And just a few feet away there was sci-fi
Pages and pages
That's why I'm in love

Cool me, cool me
No one I know loves the library
Like me, I mean
I'm in love with it literally
I tried to kiss
It on the lips and it rejected me
But that's okay, everything's free
I'll pay my fine and try again next week

I was alone, I like it that way
In the library, unless my friend Stephanie,
Who works there, finds me browsing
And we talk together, oh so quietly

She asks me about the books
That I've been reading
I ask her if she knows
Who the library's been seeing
I tell her I'm in love


It would never tell me an untruth
No, it would never lie to me
It would never tell me an untruth
Primarily 'cause it cannot speak
It's and inanimate object
But if it could speak, it wouldn't lie
To me

I was alone, I usually am
But in the library I'm surrounded by friends
Like my buddy Borges, and my pals
Thomas and Franz, I visit them weekly
They ask me how I've been

I tell them all about
A new crush that I got
On their home
I think it's really hot
I tell them I'm in love



from Tapes On Tape, released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Garrison Panyan Westland, Michigan

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