Tapes On Tape

by Garrison Panyan

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Released on Cream Over Misery Records [COM-004]

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released July 10, 2017

All songs written, performed, and produced by Garrison Panyan except:

"The Government Mind"- saxophone by David Koltunchik
"Love Surrendered (The Big Bomb Fell)"- bass by Nasty Nate

Album art by E. Hils

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Garrison Panyan Westland, Michigan

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Track Name: Dust With Light In It
Dust with light in it, gentle falls
And lands on my eyelashes
Something lost if I blink
But I don't blink, I just stare out the window
At a bird who don't know I'm there
Or what a window is

Dust in a book. once bright
But it got trapped in the pages
So I opened it up
And a cloud of light pops out
It lingers there in the air
It lands on my desk
And I write my name in the light
And I blink and the light is just dust

The dirt the worms live in
Subterranean and dark always
Even with the sun out

Dust on the dirt, is always bright
Even at night, the dust reflective
A Milky Way on the soil
But I stay inside
With the dust that used to be bright
When it fell through the stream of light
But now it's just dull, dull dust
Track Name: Lisa Gates
Lisa Gates is just a girl
That I met in a shit hole bar
When I played a show last year
She didn't stay to hear me play
But she stayed for the first band's set
And we laughed at it together
The next day I was drunk
From head to toe after another show
I got home and went online to find
Lisa was a friend of mine
I hit her up on chat
And from behind a wall of alcohol confidence
I made an outright filthy advance
She took it well, and I could tell
That if it went on then before too long
I would want Lisa Gates

Lisa Gates, could you be
The girl that I can play
My new songs too?
Would you tell me if I convey
The message that I'm trying to?
And by the way Lisa
This is a new song too
So will you listen Lisa
Will you?

Well over time we got to know
Each other pretty well considering
We only talked online
She asked me what I did
And I said besides the music gig
I was a superhero
Saving the world one life at a time
I asked her what she did
And she said she went to school
For something unusual
She cut up cadavers and things that are dead
And when I read those words
About Lisa Gates, the cute butcher
I fell in love
I was heels over head


When she's feeling down
Her texts and fonts betray
A slight sarcasm
I suggest she just lay down
And allow me the pleasure of giving her
An orga-
-nic treat that she can eat!
'Cause I work in a health food store
It's not too much to ask of me
To pick up something for her on my way out the door
On my way out the door

Lisa Gates is just a girl
That I haven't talked to in a while
But I think of her and I smile
Knowing she's out there
About to chop up a body somewhere
And the knife goes in
She thinks of me and she grins

Track Name: Don't Resist Us (Oh Johnny) Demo
Oh Johnny, how beautiful
The songs of old
Yes Kelly, how wonderful
They're answering our call

Will they diving a truth we'll never find?
Will they help define?

Oh Johnny, they understand
Why we are here
Yes Kelly, at my command
Gaze into the black mirror

Record it all, the sigil, sign, and call
And the towers tall

Don't resist us, let us in
Don't resist us, we'll win
We'll win
Don't resist us, don't resist us
'Cause we'll win

The tournament says we're wrong
But they've been wrong before
A millennium we've been around
And we're getting more

Oh Johnny, how magical
The angel voice
Yes Kelly, though I fear we
Have made a terrible choice

For even Hell is ruled by an angel
It's just hard to tell
Track Name: The Government Mind
Well the brain-washing went great, a big success
Except that journalist, she's stirring discontent
She's willed her words to slip through the program's cracks
They bind to brains and act to loosen up our grip
We'll have to set a trap, what powers shall we call?
We'd better keep this all under hush-hush wraps
No worries, gentlemen, she's really only just
A terrorist, I trust

The world was made to burn, of this I'm sure
But what about the girl?
She's old enough to know
If she gets back home
She'll have made an enemy
She's younger than she acts
She's digging up the facts
To expose our secrecy
Only to find the Government Mind

Don't trust the government
Don't trust the Government Mind

They gotcha 'cause they watch ya
And they know what you're doing
They gather information that could
Lead you to ruin
They'll get away with murder
'Cause they know that they can
They're the evil elevated powers
Of illuminated rulers

I'm not who you think I am
I'm not your neighbor next door
I know what a pentagon is for
I am a government man
I am a government man

They're spying and they're lying
And there's nothing much to it
They trap us in a tech-cloud
And we willingly do it
They're aiming at our privacy
With webby weapons
They're the psychoanalytic hypocritic
Advertising agents

I'm not who you think I am
I'm not some grocery store clerk
I make black magic spells work
I am a government man
I am a government man

Their heads are full of shit that their mouths repeat
And their mouths are full of shit
And they spit when they speak

They throw our money out the door
They throw our money out the door
Feed the hungry? No! Fuck the poor!
They throw our money out the door
What the fuck is a system for?
Helping folks with money make more

Their heads are full of shit that their mouths repeat
And their mouths are full of shit
And they spit when they speak
They spit when they speak
Track Name: Lately At Night Demo
Lately at night, I feel fallen, hollow
And times when the brightness comes
Are few and far between, but there you are
And I'm running to return to you

Lately at night, I drift through the shifting
Scattered dream scenes that it seems
I've seen and heard, the phonemes and the words
And their meaning too, return to you
Yes they're meaning to, return to you

Now the shadows cast no light
What went right? What went right?
Now the shadows have grown long
What went wrong? What went wrong?
What went wrong? What went wrong?

Lately at night, the screaming believers
Drown out the acolytes
And all I write are echoes of the lies
That they're telling to return to you
Yes they're telling to return to you
Track Name: Love Surrendered (The Big Bomb Fell)
Love surrendered and the big bomb fell
In a wig-wam pattern, from a high high height and hell
Missed us, mercifully
We, the starved, we wander ragged
We hunger, always, and our poor poor kids don't eat
'Cause calico cat tastes wrong

We use the dead to feed the children
We give'em all that they need
And if they ask us where it came from
We'll tell'em someone they don't know
Who loves them very much

The water's poisoned with radiation
But it's all we got to wash the hot dead down
When we cook our friends or enemies


I love the enemy for feeding me
Track Name: Earth Ladies, Lay Me
I am a sensualien
I'm on a mission, a rescue mission
Earth, your breeding's bad
We've been paying close attention
You'll never join us, the federation
Of space, at your current rate

Earth ladies lay me, lay me
Earth ladies lay me
And you will give birth
To children of worth
Earth men you'll thank me, you'll thank me
Earth men you can thank me
For doing your work
With gusto and pleasure

Tell you what my business is
My business on your planet
My every seed is brilliant
Creative and intelligent
And I will father all your kids
I will father all your kids
I will father all your kids
I will father all your kids
All your kids, all your kids
All your kids, all your kids

All undressed I'm ready to go
I got my tongue warmed up and my hands aren't cold either
You'll get all that you see
I'm a professional, I've been certified
Oh you'll be satisfied, my job is my pride
They named the Big Bang after me


You'll all know when it's time to go
And the planet heats up and it's filling with smoke and you
You'll ask for help to get you off your planet
But you can't pass the simplest test 'cause
Your brains aren't worth the heads they rest in and you
You're lucky you can even form a sentence
All of us above are looking below yes
All of us above are looking below at you
But I know what you're capable of
That's why I've come here, to save you with lust and love
You can't afford to not go on my space ride
I will leave a little genius inside
Can't afford to not go on my space ride

Track Name: Tried To Kiss (The Library's Lips)
I was alone, I was reading a book
By Aleister Crowley, in the library
On the very last page someone wrote a love spell
And ended it with the line "So mote it be"

And on the shelves I had the wisdom of the ages
And just a few feet away there was sci-fi
Pages and pages
That's why I'm in love

Cool me, cool me
No one I know loves the library
Like me, I mean
I'm in love with it literally
I tried to kiss
It on the lips and it rejected me
But that's okay, everything's free
I'll pay my fine and try again next week

I was alone, I like it that way
In the library, unless my friend Stephanie,
Who works there, finds me browsing
And we talk together, oh so quietly

She asks me about the books
That I've been reading
I ask her if she knows
Who the library's been seeing
I tell her I'm in love


It would never tell me an untruth
No, it would never lie to me
It would never tell me an untruth
Primarily 'cause it cannot speak
It's and inanimate object
But if it could speak, it wouldn't lie
To me

I was alone, I usually am
But in the library I'm surrounded by friends
Like my buddy Borges, and my pals
Thomas and Franz, I visit them weekly
They ask me how I've been

I tell them all about
A new crush that I got
On their home
I think it's really hot
I tell them I'm in love

Track Name: Lyle's Got His Parties Now
Lyle's got his parties now
And he's hanging out with a whole new
Crowd of kids who
Sleep late and wake up to get down
And they roll
And they roll, roll, roll

Lyle's parties never fail
To impress the daughters of a certain
Cult of men who
Pull puppet strings behind puppet scenes
And they pull
And they pull, pull, pull

Well he's been keeping vampire hours
Skipping three meals and missing on showers
Living off candy and poppy flowers
People don't know his name like his lovers do
People don't know his name like his lovers do
Like his lovers do...

The day was long
But the work is done
The setting sun drapes
A curtain of red velvet
The night it brings
The darker things
Which wig where Lyle wams
It's his death he's sure of it

No remorse for not charting the course
Through the trials of the eye
No regrets for not setting the set
Through the trials of the smiles which lie

There's a white room
Where white men
Wear white ties
And they look into the whites of your eyes
Oh how they peer into

In the white room
Where white tiles
Match white smiles
But the teeth are little white lies
Oh how they fib to you
But you don't let them in
Do you? Do you?
Do you? Do you?
Track Name: Undersexed And Overjoyed
I'm undersexed and overjoyed
At the prospect of getting rid of my
Dirty needs, with you tonight
Under clean white sheets
But they're a little to bright
Let's stain them

I'm so distracted 'cause I'm thinking of
You naked and the sweet sweet love
Of your legs spread, and your legs wrapped
Around my back
And the contractions when you come

I don't know where the feeling goes
But we were in our prime
And I wanted you so
All the time, all the time
I don't know but I'm feeling low
'Cause we let it go
And I'm lonely so
All the time, all the time
And the time that we could love each other
Any time
And the time that we lost god together
And the time, and the time
Oh dear god, how long now must I suffer?
All the time all the time all the time
All the time, all the time

I'm so perplexed at how complicated
You make our sexual relations 'cause
It's easy, if you ask me
It's like one plus one
Stay casual and it stays fun


Mary, with your head of red
I'd like to introduce you to my bed
But you've got a new guy
Who's lucky to know what it's like between your thighs
Mary, so contrary
Does your garden grow red too?
Oh you'll be very
Pleased to know, I've got a green thumb
I will tend to your garden
To your garden